Kyocera Moeye: A Beautiful Fully Autonomous EV

The Japanese manufacturer Kyocera, specialized in consumer electronics, has presented an exciting concept vehicle to show the world its technological advances in the automotive sector. Baptized as Moeye, this prototype has, among other things, an autonomous driving system (the vehicle does not have a steering wheel or pedals) and a 100% electric powertrain.

The Kyocera Moeye is equipped with a 1.2-meter wide screen in front of the driver that, through optical camouflage technology, allows the field of vision to be expanded, making both the dashboard and the front pillars “transparent” by projecting captured exterior images by a series of cameras.

The concept car also features a 3D holographic assistant projected from a high-performance liquid crystal display. The use of “Ceraphic” LED technology also allows the ceiling lighting system and door panels to mimic natural light. There is also no lack of surround speakers capable of reproducing sound with excellent quality.

The touch surfaces feature “Haptivity” technology, which replicates the sensation of pressing a physical button when using the huge touch screen from which all the car’s functions are operated. Another interesting point is the vehicle’s ability to release up to five types of aroma into the passenger compartment according to the passengers preferences and mood. All these solutions are Kyocera’s developments.

All this avant-garde display contrasts with the vehicle’s exterior, which shows the shapes of a small coupe from the 30s of the last century. Painted in metallic gray, the Moeye features beautiful round headlights not integrated into the prominent fins, retro-futuristic multi-spoke wheels (the rear ones are hidden under a fairing), and a sleek two-level rear.

Despite these classic lines, the vehicle’s modern origin is betrayed by the use of LED headlights, by the numerous sensors that decorate the bodywork, and by the cameras that take the place of the mirrors. Although, as we have already indicated, the interior contrasts with the exterior due to its avant-garde, it is not without a classic touch thanks to the use of a scheme that mixes metallic-looking surfaces with a warm brown upholstery.

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