4 Budget Friendly Electric Vehicles

It is no secret that switching from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles can cost a pretty penny. But with the popularity of renewable energy growing at a rapid pace, we see more and more people looking to purchase affordable EVs. Below we will explore some of the cheaper vehicles on the EV market for a more budget friendly buy.

First off we have the 2021 Mini Cooper SE. It comes with starting prices of $29,900 (Signature), $33,900 (Signature Plus), $36,900 (Iconic). It is equipped with a 32.6-kWh battery and a 181-horsepower electric motor. It has a 110 mile range and does not include some driver assistance features seen in other EVs on the market, but if you are a city dweller who does stray too far from home, the 2021 Mini Cooper SE may be a good fit.  Tech features are ample (with the exception of Android Auto, which is missing) but the SE lacks some driver-assistance features, including adaptive cruise control. If you don’t drive far or have another car with more range, this cool little EV could be right for you.

Another budget friendly EV is the Nissan Leaf. Prices starting at $31,600 (S), $34,190 (SV), $38,200 (S Plus), $39,750 (SV Plus), $43,900 (SL Plus). The base model comes with a 40-kWh battery pack and a 147-hp motor, while the Plus has a 62-kWh battery pack and a 214-hp motor. Depending on the version, it has a range from 149 miles to 226 miles. Although it is still a minimal amount of range, it does come with a long list of driver-assistance features. You can also opt for Nissan’s advanced driver-assistance system, ProPilot Assist, which can steer, brake, and accelerate for drivers under certain conditions. 

Still in the $30,000 range we have the 2020 Hyundai Ioniq Electric. Its SE version has a starting price of $33,045 while the Limited version falls at $38,615. Its range doesn’t improve much from the two prior at just 170 miles. Its 38.3-kWh battery pack is connected to a 134-hp motor and come with standard features like adaptive cruise control, lane-centering, and a highway driving assist system.

Lastly is one of the first affordable long-range EVs on the market, the Chevy Bolt. The Bolt come with a starting price of $36,620 (LT) and $41,020 (Premier). It also has quite a jump in range from the three aforementioned at 259 miles. It comes equipped with a 60-kWh battery pack that sends electricity to a 200-hp motor. Although it’s range is much greater, the Bolt does not come standard with any driver-assistance features. Chevy does however offer many as optional equipment.

Whether you are looking for a budget friendly EV or not, it is important to fully consider the cost of switching over to electric vehicles. There are many factors that come in to play from charging station networks to regular maintenance that should be considered when opting to become a more eco-friendly driver. 

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