Taycan: Porsche’s Best-Selling Model in Europe

Last August, sales of some of the Porsche models in Europe saw their figures decline significantly. A situation framed in a turbulent market due to the drop in deliveries due to the coronavirus. But the case has been saved by the first electric car from Stuttgart, which has become the best-selling of the month.

In total, Porsche delivered 5,046 units in Europe in August. This figure allows you to sign a small growth of 2.6% over the same period last year. It is not bad if we consider the state of the general market where we see figures of sales drops of 20%.

Without a doubt, the great protagonist for Porsche has been the Taycan. The electric one has been positioned as the most sold with 1,183 registered units, which allows it to overcome heavyweights such as the 911, with 1,097 units and a fall of 37%, or the Cayenne, which remains with 771 units, the same as last year.

But more striking are the sales of the conventional equivalent of the Taycan itself. The Panamera has seen its delivery figures completely collapse, achieving just 278 units, or 71% less than in August 2019.

All this is taking into account Porsche’s production limitation, which seems not to be able to meet the demand and forcing those interested to arm themselves with patience to receive their unit since the supply of batteries cannot keep up with the market.

An example that the phrase “there is no demand for electric” has undoubtedly been banished, mainly in the premium segments where the price is not a problem. The hunger for this type of vehicle seems to have only exploded.

A situation that directly impacts combustion models while waiting for the arrival in 2021 of the SUV variant of the Taycan itself will undoubtedly cause an impact equal to or even greater than that of the sedan.

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