Tesla Model 3 Reaches Over 10,000 Sales in the Netherlands – The Best Selling Car in the Country

The famous unit by Tesla, Model 3, is now the best-selling vehicle for the year of 2019 in the Netherlands. The country has been one of the homes of most EVs in Europe, only losing to Norway.

Right now, the Model 3 units have been seen more often on the roads of the Netherlands. According to the carmaker, by the end of September, 5,000 cars will come to its customers.

With more EVs being adopted it is important to share this news on the matter, to show people all around the world that this is the time to start shifting toward cleaner energy.

Other countries in Europe, such as Austria, Spain, and Belgium, are also seeing more Teslas in traffic. This shows not only the success of EVs but also Tesla ruling the market. What are your opinions?

What else can we expect from countries from around the world?


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