The New Chinese Low-Cost Electric Car: ORA R2

Chinese manufacturer Great Wall has just presented the latest proposal from its electric car division. A sub-brand called ORA has established in collaboration with BMW, resulting in very economical but increasingly competitive models. The last to arrive has been the ORA R2, which sits slightly above its brother R1 in size.

This model is a clear example of how much Chinese brands are advancing. Capable of offering large sedans such as the Xpeng P7, but also putting competitive low-cost proposals on the market with attractive designs, features, and equipment that have nothing to do with envy western models, but with much more attractive prices.

The ORA R2 differs from its little brother in addition to the design by measures that give us a model of 3.62 meters long, which places it in the segment of the Volkswagen e-Up and company, slightly above the Smart ForFour .

The engine will finally be somewhat more potent than the rumors indicated. It will reach 46 kW (63 hp), which will allow it to have better acceleration, and make the incursions into ring roads and small sections of highway with more guarantees and safety.

The battery for its part will be the same 33 kWh pack that we have seen in the R1, which, according to the manufacturer, allows it to achieve a range of 217 miles with each charge. An optimistic estimate that we take for granted will use the NEDC cycle.

Some data remain to be confirmed, including a price that is rumored to be around 9,000 dollars in its local market.

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