The Cheapest Porsche Taycan will be Presented on June 29

If you are interested in getting a unit of the spectacular Porsche Taycan, but its 110,000 dollars discourages you a bit, there is good news. The rumored “cheap” model has been confirmed and will be presented this month of June.

Porsche will show the public next week a new member of the Taycan family, which will be characterized by aspects such as having a single-engine propulsion system, rear, somewhat more modest equipment, predictably, but with a much more attractive price.

It remains to be confirmed if this version will finally have a lower battery than the Taycan 4S. However, it is unlikely since, as we recall, the electric saloon has two packs, one of 79.2 kWh and 252 miles of autonomy, and a second of 93.4 kWh with which achieves 287 miles.

Despite this, rumors indicate that Porsche will emphasize the efficiency of this model over the high performance of its brothers. In theory this will allow in practice to achieve better autonomy figures, opening the door to a “low cost” variant with a battery of about 65 kWh and around 236 miles of autonomy.

As for the price, as well as the autonomy at the moment, it is a secret, but it is expected that this version will be placed at an approximate figure of about 80,000 dollars. Something that will undoubtedly open the range of possibilities of those who dream of this electric Porsche, and do not need large autonomies to cover their movements.

An access variant that will possibly start sales later this year in China, and then extend its presence to other markets such as Europe and the United States, and which we will know in just a week.

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