Will Tulsa Woo Tesla? It’s Certainly Trying: Business Casual

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Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin explores how Tulsa is attempting to bring Tesla’s next manufacturing plant to the city.

The City of Tulsa is pulling out all the stops in its attempt to woo electric vehicle juggernaut Tesla.
The city transformed its “Golden Driller” statue, a 75-foot behemoth, into Tesla founder Elon Musk, trying to convince the company to bring its next manufacturing plant to Oklahoma.

The plant will produce Tesla Model Y and Cybertruck vehicles and will be the company’s second in the United States. Currently, the race seems to be between Tulsa and Austin.

If Tulsa’s gimmicks pay off, it could bring big-time jobs to the city to the tune of 10,000 new openings. But will it happen? Would it really be the boon Tulsa residents are hoping for?

On this episode of Business Casual, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin dives in, drawing comparisons to past pushes for big companies in other locations, highlighting potential barriers and drawbacks, and examining whether a 75-foot Musk can really seal the deal.

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