Volvo Unveils XC40 Recharge: Specs, Pics and More

The electric version of the XC40 SUV is finally out. Volvo gave all the information on its brand new electric car.

Volvo shared some images of the model of the car, the inside powertrain, and all of its specs. The pictures prove the car to be very good looking, and if it can fulfill the promised capacity, it can be one of the best EVs out there.

The XC40 Recharge features a 78 kWh battery pack and a dual-motor of 300 kW powertrain divided into 150 kW each. This is enough to feed the car with 112 mph of top speed and a range of more than 250 miles. The acceleration goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds.

The Volvo can also tow a maximum weight of 3,300 lbs. Here are some more specific specs:

  • Length: 442.5 cm
  • Width, (incl. mirrors): 203.4 cm
  • Height, (incl. shark fin): 165.2 cm
  • Track, front: 160.0 cm
  • Track, rear: 161.0 cm
  • Ground clearance: 17.5 cm
  • Headroom without panorama roof (front/rear) (H61-1/H61-2): 91.1/99.4 cm
  • Headroom with panorama roof (front/rear) (H61-1 SR/H61-2 SR): 95.5/97.4 cm
  • Headroom maximum, without sunroof (front) (H62-1): 103.0 cm
  • Passenger compartment width at shoulder height (front/rear) (W3-1/W3-2): 144.0/142.9 cm
  • Legroom (front/rear) (L34/L51-2): 104.0/91.7 cm
  • Cargo volume, including under-floor storage (V211-2): 413 liters
  • Cargo volume, including under-floor storage (V214-1): 1,342 liters
  • Frunk volume, with Tool kit (EU+RoW): 31 liters
  • Frunk volume, with Tool kit (US) WEIGHTS/MISCELLANEOUS: 26 liters

The car also has a system of information powered by Google’s Android and will be able to do software updates as well. 

No prices on the EV was revealed, but what are your thoughts on this exciting EV?

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