Cadillac Releases Lyriq Teaser Images Just a Week Before its Unveiling

With just a week left until Cadillac unveils its first electric vehicle, the automaker released images of its to feature its charging port. A light up Cadillac logo can be seen along with the large panel door that covers the access point. The Lyriq EV will be the first of many Cadillacs to utilize the company’s own Ultium battery packs.

Thanks to a few photos, we are able to get a look at the driver’s-side fender and door. We also get a glimpse at the 2022 Lyriq’s particularly large charging port panel. It appears that Cadillac developed a system that allows the rear portion of the front fender to move, revealing the port and a lighting graphic. The lighting graphic seemingly shows the power being directed to the battery pack at the base of the vehicle. 

In addition to the unique charging port we can see large multi-spoke wheels. Cadillac also shows off the vehicles start-up system which features the brand’s crest badge. When the vehicle is started a mini light show is initiated for onlookers outside of the vehicle to enjoy. The Lyriq is expected to be unveiled on August 6th.

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