Volkswagen Manages to Attract New Customers to the Brand Thanks to ID.3, but it Will Only Manufacture 60,000 Units This Year

One of the best news that a manufacturer can receive when they launch a model is that it serves to attract new customers who come from other brands. A magnet effect that Volkswagen is enjoying with ID.3, which in its first weeks on sale, has become a complete success for the German brand.

This has been confirmed by the publication of the first ID.3 sales statistics in the first markets that have received the electric compact. Some very positive data for Volkswagen, which manages to attract new customers, is also leading to attract a customer younger than the average purchase age in Europe.

In statements to the Financial Times, Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen’s head of sales, has indicated that the average age of the ID.3 buyer is 10 years below the usual in our continent, standing at 48 years.

But undoubtedly the most striking fact of these first commercial steps of the new electric is that of the 37,000 reservists, 85% of them have never owned a Volkswagen. Something that, for example, we can compare with 85% of Golf buyers, who are previous owners of a Golf.

As for the buyer’s profile, Volkswagen has described him as a mainly urban, masculine customer, with a technological character and who have acquired ID.3 as the second car in their home.

The German executive has also confirmed that the delay caused by problems such as software and the impact of the pandemic will reduce the total number of cars they expect to manufacture this year, with a figure that it indicates will be between 60,000 and 70,000 units. Almost half of the estimate at first, but that would mean doubling the sales of Volkswagen electric cars in 2019 only with this model.

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