Tesla Sales Will Drop by 10% This Year Due to Coronavirus

Investment bank Morgan Stanley has released a report warning of the effects of the coronavirus on car manufacturers. One of them will be Tesla, which, according to the data, will see how its sales are cut this year concerning the forecasts available so far.

The study indicates that of the 500,000 units that the North American manufacturer planned to deliver in 2020, they will go to 452,000. A decline mainly focused on the European market where deliveries will be cut by 10%, indicating that the impact will take place in our market and not in the United States or China.

This is due, according to Morgan Stanley, not only to the coronavirus but also to decelerating factors such as the reduction of incentives in key markets such as Norway and the Netherlands, which will also affect Tesla’s global figures. A situation in Europe that collides with that of China, where the virus is already under control but also where the American brand’s online sales strategy has allowed it not only to maintain the figures but even increase them between January and February, in the full impact of the coronavirus. Something that has not prevented that the actions have been contagious of the general alarm falling in the day of yesterday a 7.6%, and closing to 519 dollars and losing everything that had gained in his ascent of the beginning of the year.

It remains to be seen how the situation develops in the coming weeks, where the disease will spread to one of its main markets, the United States. This can affect its sales in a few quarters that seems to be hard for all manufacturers, and where it will test the traditional face-to-face sales format against an online sale that Tesla has embraced from the beginning, and now some other brands, where it has even been tried with home delivery. A recipe that is certainly very interesting in these times.

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