Tesla Model 3 Crushes Industry Depreciation Average

In a report posted on iSeeCars.com it is shown that the Tesla Model 3 only loses around 10% of its value over a three year period. Tesla has been criticized in the past for its build quality and lack of service visit availability. However, the fact that its cars hold their value like no other vehicle before makes it clear why customers continue to pay premium prices for said vehicles.

The report shows several other EVs 3 year depreciation including the Nissan LEAF, the BMW i4, and the Kia Soul. The numbers posted are much different than that of the Tesla Model 3, showing a huge jump to upwards of 60% depreciation. Although it may seem like a massive range in numbers, it is important to note that according to iSeeCars.com, the average EV depreciates and average of 52% over a three year period, that number falling to 39% after three years.

With the percentile of depreciation of the Model 3, the EV can retain its resale value over five times better than any electric car and four times better than any car, electric or not. However, the Model 3 isn’t the only vehicle Tesla produces with impressive numbers when it comes to depreciation. The Model S and Model X also have impressive depreciation numbers at 36% and 34% on average.

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