Tesla Model 3 is the Best Seller in South Korea

The South Korean EV and the plug-in market reached another record in March, with 5.641 units. This record is due to the Tesla Model 3, which took the place of the Hyundai Kona EV, being the new Best Selling EV, with a stunning 45% share, hitting 2.415 deliveries in March, making the Californian car the first EV American model to lead this positioning.

Anyway, the Korean hybrid got a great number of sales, as it enlisted 1.639 units, its best outcome since July. The new Czech Hyundai plant is currently manufacturing units for Europe, so Hyundai ought to have more space and time to focus on its residential market. Probably the Kona EV number will rise in the next few months.

Tesla gave it a go to another foreign competitor, the BMW 530e that rose its position to number 5 on the list a month ago, with a record of 210 units as well. It is important to let clear that South Korean has some of the highest EV incentives in the world.

Speaking worldwide, Tesla is in #1 and the VW Group rose to #2.

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