Reservations for the Tesla Cybertruck Open in China, Will it Succeed?

As the Cybertruck takes the world by storm and Tesla’s China factory continues its huge expansion, we’re left wondering what the company has planned for its future in the country. It is already known that the Model Y will be produced for the local market at this factory. But, the question still remains whether the Cybertruck will be produced there as well.

In the past couple weeks it seemed inherently clear that the answer to this question would be no. However, Tesla has recently opened reservations for the behemoth in China even though the popularity of pickup trucks is not nearly that of them in the U.S. Regardless, China is the second-largest market for pickups with a growing need for electric vehicles and commercial trucks. 

With a huge rural population, the Cybertruck could absolutely be an asset to people in China. It only makes sense for Tesla to produce these electric pickup trucks at its Gigafactory 3 if enough people are in the market for one. You can place a reservation for the Cybertruck on Tesla’s website with a non refundable deposit of the equivalent to about $141.

Although there are no clear-cut answer as to whether or not the Cybertruck will succeed in China, Tesla has an opportunity to expand the electric pickup to the Asian market. A market that, aside from the fact that pickups are not overly popular, still adds over 400,000 pickup trucks per year in the market.

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