Tesla Shows How the Giga Berlin Factory Will Look

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has shown a recreation of what Giga Berlin, the company’s European factory, will look like when its construction is complete. The building will have a distinctly different futuristic appearance from Giga Nevada and Giga Shanghai, two floors quite similar to each other and characterized by their simplicity.

Among other things, the new Tesla factory will feature numerous rooftop solar panels; Also, on the plant’s roof, we can also see what looks like a water fountain surrounded by grass. These last elements will form part of a reasonably large terrace whose use is not clear at the moment.

Tesla is aiming to start vehicle production at Giga Berlin in July 2021, so it will need to speed up the deadlines to the maximum: it will only take twelve months to build the building and start manufacturing cars (the first model the brand will assemble in Europe will be Model Y, which unlike Model 3 will not come from the United States).

Model Y will be a model of enormous importance for Tesla in the old continent because SUVs have much greater success than sedans in Europe. Therefore, it is expected that the Model Y will far exceed the Model 3, a model that has so much demand that it has become the best-selling electric car on the market.

It was recently confirmed that Giga Berlin will not produce batteries, focusing on vehicle manufacturing. Despite everything, it will be a revolutionary plant in several aspects, since Musk has promised that it will have some of the most advanced paint workshops in the world and that the Model Y manufactured on-site will have a body made of large castings in instead of by small stamped steel pieces welded together.

Giga Berlin will also have a design and development center that will be in charge, according to Musk himself, of creating a compact hatchback that could be called to rival the Hyundai Pony, Nissan LEAF, and Volkswagen ID.3. However, the release date of the model is currently unknown.

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