REVIEW: Tesla Model Y

The YouTube channel Throttle House has been one of the first professional media to be able to test the vehicle, putting itself at the controls of a Performance donated by one of the very first clients to receive its unit. The review, published yesterday, focuses on one of the hitherto unknown aspects of the model: its dynamic behavior.

On the one hand, the acceleration of the SUV (0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds) is praised, which beats other sports SUVs of similar size such as the Porsche Macan Turbo (4.3 seconds), the Mercedes-Benz GLC 63S Coupe (3.6 seconds), or the BMW X3M Competition (4 seconds). Also, they are all noticeably more expensive than the Tesla Model Y Performance.

However, the speed of the car is not something that surprises anyone at this point, because it is well known that the acceleration of electric vehicles in general and of Tesla Performance, in particular, is usually brilliant. All in all, what is interesting are the impressions extracted after driving the car on a winding road.

The low center of gravity of the Model Y (product of having the battery pack in the bass) solves one of the significant problems of thermal SUVs: its lack of dynamism. The tester states that even high-performance models like the Lamborghini Urus do not end up being comfortable in dynamic driving due to its high center of gravity, something that does not happen with the Model Y, however.

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