Is the Polestar 2 a real Alternative to the Tesla Model 3? First Tests of the Swedish Car

Polestar 2 has landed with an exciting proposal that we are now starting to learn more details thanks to the international press’s first tests.

One of the first means to test this model has been the British Autocar, which has accessed a unit of the version equipped with the Performance Pack. The most sporty and expensive version of adding elements such as massive 20-inch wheels, plus adjustable Ohlins suspensions and a set of powerful four-piston Brembo brakes.

This has its main consequence in a more aggressive design, more sporty behavior when cornering, and more interior noise and less comfort while driving. A suspension that luckily can be adapted to increase comfort.

One of the first things that catch the tester’s attention is the high weight of the vehicle, 2,198 kilos. A figure that we can compare with the 1,931 kilos of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor. Something that assumes that the Swedish model weighs 267 kilos more than the American.

A prominent figure that weighs down aspects such as autonomy and acceleration since the Polestar with its 408 hp and a torque of 660 Nm manages to make the 0 to 100 km/h in about 4.7 seconds. Just a tenth of a second better than the Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual engine that has 58 hp less power, and far from the 3.5 seconds of the Model 3 Performance.

One of the elements that the tester highlights are the driving aid system that manages to keep the vehicle within the lanes. An indicating system is not intended to compete with the Tesla Autopilot. Still, it leads to doing its job, which is to assist in the driving task and reduce human error chances, primarily on the straighter and more monotonous stretches.

Otherwise, the Polestar stands out for a high exterior and interior finishes, a space made with elements such as recycled plastics with materials such as abandoned fishing nets and which have been reused to shape the internal components.

All in a model which the tester indicates that it does not have a too wide rear area, where three passengers can travel comfortably for no more than 20 minutes. That yes, passengers who will be able to enjoy one of the most striking elements of this proposal take advantage of a high body that gives ample space for heads, allowing the customer arch to be enlarged with a tall height but for those who don’t like SUVs.

Where the Polestar 2 also shines with its light is its infotainment system, which takes advantage of its commitment to the Android operating system with Google Assistant, making it incredibly intuitive to configure or operate the system from the tablet center that looks like an extension of the phone.

We are facing a different proposal for which the current offer does not meet its requirements in aspects such as design or approach. A very sporty model that is the first stone of a Polestar project that debuts with a great product.

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