The HiPhi 1, a Chinese Electric SUV With Up To a 400 Mile-Range

Chinese manufacturer Human Horizons surprised the world last year by presenting the concept of its first car. An G SUV that has received the name of HiPhi 1 and stands out for its design, its benefits, and its high technological level. This week’s model has been sighted carrying out a series of tests on the Continental circuit in Hanover, Germany, which are the last before starting production later this year.

The HiPhi will not take prisoners in a technical aspect. New manufacturers must take maximum care of given the improvement of the different proposals coming to the market. This will have two electric motors that will provide all-wheel drive and allow you to make 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. It will be able to reach a 400 mile range per charge thanks to a battery that will have 96 kWh.

In its conceptual phase, its designers described this model as the first human-oriented architecture (HOA), which adapts and learns automatically to create diversified solutions that will improve the user experience. Its neural network consists of four ‘super brains,’ domain controllers, and six computing platforms (MPU).

All of this is connected via 1G Ethernet to provide high data transmission, more significant than the traditional CAN network of today’s vehicles. The vehicle can analyze huge amounts of G and make decisions, using cloud computing with a robust analytics engine to build a smart car.

It will have a 5G connection, a total of 562 sensors (it is not specified what type), autonomous driving of level 4, LED DLP lights to project symbols on the road, facial recognition, rear steering wheels, intelligent pneumatic suspensions … etc.

Human Horizons, which has acquired a plant that belonged to KIA in China, will start producing HiPhi 1 later this year, anticipating initial plans in almost six months. Initially, its G will be only in the Asian market. But the objective is to turn it into a global model with particular attention to the US and European markets where they have high hopes.

A very familiar SUV with high-quality levels will also have features that are at least in its conceptual phase point very high. If completed at a competitive price, a set would undoubtedly mean that we are talking about a new Chinese technological terror that poses a threat to Western manufacturers.

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