France to Raise Aid to Electric Cars to 12,000 Euros

The President of France, Enmanuel Macron, has confirmed the launch of the most ambitious electric car incentive program in the world. A real revolution capable of taking vehicle prices to indeed tempting figures.

In total, France will invest 1,200 million euros in this new initiative this year. This will mean raising aid for the purchase of electric cars to 12,000 euros, exceeding 9,400 euros in Germany, which in practice will mean cutting prices up to 40%.

For example, the new 52 kWh Renault ZOE starts in France at 32,000 euros with the battery owned (from 30,523 euros in Spain) that will remain for our northern neighbors in just 20,000 euros.

To get the maximum help, a vehicle must be scrapped. An increasingly widespread practice that represents an extra for the client who will thus have 7,000 euros of direct aid, plus another 5,000 euros for delivering a used car.

A project that seeks to turn France into a powerhouse in the production of electric cars, where the president himself has set out to achieve that by 2025 1 million electric vehicles are manufactured in his territory every year, while also attracting the manufacture of cars within its territory with aid to companies subject to the repatriation of specific models.

This Will be the French Aid Plan for Electric Cars.

A government aid of 6,000 euros for cars of up to 45,000 euros, which at the end of this year will increase to 7,000 euros.

Company cars can access aid of up to 5,000 euros.
Plug-in hybrids priced up to 50,000 euros and an electric range of at least 50 kilometers will be eligible for the aid of 2,000 euros.
Those who have bought since June 1 and deliver an old car will access the 5,000 euros retroactively.
The cars to be delivered in the scrap program must be registered before 2006 in the case of gasoline models, and before 2011 in diesel.
Aid also for the purchase of used electric and hybrid cars, with up to 3,000 euros per unit when delivering a used diesel or gasoline car.

Also, the government has incorporated a vital novelty that will mean increasing the salary limit of buyers to be able to access aid, which will mean that 75% of French people will be able to count on 12,000 euros of aid.

A format with certain peculiarities such as that the aid will not be delivered in full at the time of purchase, but the client will receive up to 10,000 euros. In comparison, the remaining 2,000 euros will be delivered in 10 monthly installments of 200 euros each.

Thanks to this movement, France hopes to increase electric cars’ sales to 200,000 units this year, which will mean investing a total of about 800 million euros if that figure is reached.

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