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Tesla Updates Model S and Model X Fast Charge to 250 kW

Tesla has updated the fast charging of the Model S and Model X, which can now reach a maximum of 250 kW of direct current power, matching the capacity of the Model 3 and Model Y. Therefore, the company’s expensive ones can now take full advantage of the new V3 Superchargers.

Although Tesla updated the software of both vehicles to increase their maximum load power to 200 kW and later to 225 kW, it has finally been necessary to increase the thickness of some cables to reduce resistive heating and thus be able to achieve the new rate of 250 kW.

Unfortunately, as it is a change of hardware and not software, this improvement will only be available in the new Model S and Model X, which will be able to load faster than the previous units. Although there is no official data yet, it will probably take about 40 minutes for the Model S and Model X to recover 80% of their charge.

Some rumors suggest that this update is just a small preview of a deeper restyling that the Model S and Model X will undergo at the end of the year since both vehicles are already quite veteran (the Model S dates from 2012 and received a first restyling in 2016, while Model X was launched in 2015).

One of the most anticipated novelties is the arrival of the Plaid sports versions to the Model S and Model X ranges, which will have a Tri Motor configuration (one motor on the front axle, two on the rear), more capable batteries, a revised chassis with widened axles and improved aerodynamics.

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