Tesla Model S

Tesla Claims the Model S Long Range Plus Already has a Range of 400 miles

A few weeks ago, Tesla introduced the new Model S Long Range Plus and Model X Long Range Plus, which were intended to replace the previous Model S Long Range and Model X Long Range. The main difference was in an increase in their autonomies, passing the Model S from 372 miles to 400 miles under the American EPA approval cycle. While in Model X, the jump was from 328 miles to more than 350 miles.

Despite the increase in range, the performance of the two most expensive Tesla models remained unchanged, maintaining limitations such as the load at 200 kW of power in direct current (currently the Model 3 Long Range are capable of charging a maximum of 250 kW of power, indicating that the Model S and Model X still use “old” design batteries).

Other improvements were the new Model S 19-inch Tempest wheels, which had a more aerodynamic design. Tesla did not specify whether the growth in range was due only to a series of software improvements aimed at increasing the efficiency of the model, or whether the addition of more aerodynamic tires also contributed to the increase.

However, now Elon Musk has claimed that the Model S Long Range Plus is capable of reaching 400 miles EPA range. According to the executive, the EPA made an error during the Model S tests because after completing the tests, the door was left open and the keys were inside. This caused the car to lose 2% of its load, which ended up affecting negatively to the final calculation. Musk has confirmed that when the containment is complete, the EPA will retest the Model S Long Range Plus.

The Performance sports versions meanwhile did not see their autonomy updated at the time (the Model S Performance complies with more than 340 miles EPA, while the Model X Performance with 300 miles EPA). Despite everything, it is expected that throughout this year both the Model S and the Model X will receive a restyling that will bring about an increase in the capacity of the batteries, which could be around 110 kWh. This will allow the Model S and Model X to increase their autonomy in all their versions (the Model S could be about 345 miles EPA).

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