Video: 250 kW Tesla Model 3 Supercharging Demonstrated In Las Vegas

Charging is now becoming so quick that it’s almost comparable to refueling.

As the first few Tesla V3 Superchargers are online, we can now watch reports on whether charging is really as quick as Tesla says (180 miles of range in 15 minutes).

The VegasModel3 recently had the opportunity to test the station in Las Vegas with 24 V3 stalls. He arrived in a Tesla Model 3 with 8% state-of-charge (26 miles of range remaining) and started charging.

Charging power quickly increased to 130 kW and then further to 250 kW within about minute (over 1,000 miles per hour of range replenishing). According to the video, charging was almost as fast as promised – some 175 miles of range in 17 minutes.

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