Jaguar I-Pace Might Come With a New Higher Performance Unit

During a talk with Autocar, Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations Michael Van der Sande, talked about the creation of an SVR version of the Jaguar I-Pace.

The plan is to develop this new car some time in the future, even though it is not a top priority for the company.

Jaguar has not been doing well when it comes to the sales of the I-Pace. In July the company sold less than 1,100 units.

The main focus right now is to feed the investment on Jaguar’s Formula E units, and as Van der Sande mentioned:

“Those cars all come from our base in Oxford Road, and they’ve taught us a lot. By the time you fit the roll-cage and race kit, they’re only slightly lighter than standard. (…)But the battery’s duty cycle is very different in racing. We’ve already learned plenty about battery management, heat management, and software development that could be useful for road cars. When the call comes, we’ll be ready.”

According to him, to work on the car is only a “matter of when, and not if.”

We can speculate that the carmaker will want to upgrade its specs, such as its current 395 horsepower and 4.8 seconds acceleration time to hit 62 mph.

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