Volkswagen ID.1: The Cheapest Electric Car in the Group

This year will kick off the new Volkswagen electric car program that will be distinguished by the ID designation and be the first models in the group to use a platform specifically designed to house electrical systems. The first to arrive will be ID.3, which will be followed by a full family where there will be room for compact models, such as the new ID.1

At the moment, how this proposal will be is not yet known. Still, Insider magazine has launched into the design of what the new electric model could be like and will become the substitute for the current Volkswagen e-Up and its SEAT and Skoda brothers.

It is a proposal designed for a young and urban public, who needs a small vehicle that will move around at 3.5 meters long. But unlike the e-Up, the new ID.1 will make the most of using the MEB platform to offer more space for occupants and their cargo. It will undoubtedly be one of the central values ​​of this model.

It will not come with a large battery; it is estimated that there will be a 24 kWh version, which will allow it to reach about 108 miles of autonomy, and another 36 kWh version that will take it up to 167-mile range. An aspect of battery capacity that addresses factors such as the need to keep prices under control makes it a profitable option. It will also come at a time when recharging networks will have achieved minimal expansion to allow it to move without significant problems.

The ID.3 will come equipped with a charging system capable of accessing powers of up to 125 kW, it is expected that a little brother will achieve at least reach 70 kW of maximum power, which will allow a partial recharge in a few minutes.

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