BMW will Present the iX3 on July 14

BMW will present its new electric SUV, the iX3, on July 14. Two years after its conceptual version launch, this model derived from the popular X3 SUV will hit the market to become the cornerstone of the new generation of electric cars from the Bavarian firm.

The launch of the iX3 will be of great importance for BMW, as it will be the first completely new electric car marketed by the brand since the i3 in 2013. Among other innovations, the SUV will be in charge of launching the fifth-generation eDrive powertrain. BMW, which brings together the electric motor, transmission, and power electronics in the same unit.

Along with this announcement BMW has released a new preview of the model; However, at this point, there is little to know about the car in this section: the final design was leaked a few weeks ago, both through studio images and taken life, being practically the same as the thermal X3 except for details such as the fairing grill or the specific tires.

The BMW iX3 will be produced exclusively in China, arriving in Europe at the end of the year. However, its marketing in the United States has been canceled, since North American dealers did not have much confidence in the success of the model mainly due to its autonomy.

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