Elon Musk Says Level 5 Autonomous Driving is Very Close to Being Reached

During a video presentation in Shanghai, Elon Musk has spoken again about the development of autonomous driving, returning to the speech that its development is progressing very quickly. So much so that it ensures that they are very close to completing the design of the systems that allow reaching the maximum level of autonomy this year.

According to Musk: “I am extremely confident that we will make it to Level 5, which is essentially complete autonomy, and I think it will happen very quickly. I am sure we will have the basic functionality for full Level 5 this year. “

Of course, Musk’s words must be put in a context where software and hardware development is one thing, and another thing is to achieve their application in real conditions where they work perfectly in the millions of situations that a fleet of vehicles freelancers must face.

There is also the question of public regulation, which will have to evolve, taking into account the different opinions of each government and each market, ending up achieving public acceptance that will need a transition period to verify this type of system’s potential.

A Level 5 that, as we remember, will mean full automation, in which in addition to vehicles capable of moving without the presence of a person inside, they will be able to count on features such as dispensing with elements like the steering wheel or pedals. Something that will again have to deal with the issue of public regulations.

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