Tesla Autopilot Mistakes Burger King for Stop Signs, and They Transform it into an Advertisement!

Tesla Autopilot’s “Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control” feature can get a little bit confused with the Burger King signs for stop signs, and they immediately transformed it into a promotion battle. The Autopilot is still in beta, and it doesn’t generally work out as planned.

Burger King discovered that occasionally, the new Autopilot can confuse it’s sign for a stop sign – inciting the vehicle to stop for it.

They transformed it into an intelligent promotion advertisement highlighting a Tesla Model 3:

The fast-food chain created this new idea by asking for Tesla owners to post to online networking the similar Autopilot error, which they outline as the Autopilot’s human-made reasoning needing to stop at Burger King to eat a burger. Burger King asks to take photos of the confusion of Autopilot with the hashtag #AutopilotWhopper or #FreeWhopper to get a free burger code.

Some Tesla owners did tweet the hashtags with pictures, but none of them were actually recreating the Autopilot bug that inspired Burger King’s campaign:

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