The Nikola Badger: An Electric Pickup with Sales Scheduled for June

Nikola Motors has confirmed via Twitter that this month they will open the reservation process for their new product. The Nikola Badger. An impressive electric pickup that will also have an intimidating appearance, with an electric propulsion system that can have a battery version or equip with a hydrogen battery.

In this way, Nikola seeks to locate itself in a segment full of competition, and there is no other option but to be very competitive and offer something different. In this case, Nikola has chosen to install an electrical system that will please both those who think that batteries are the future and those who prefer hydrogen.

The Nikola Badger will always use a 100% electric system, with a version equipped with a 160 kWh battery. This will allow it to achieve 300 mile-range. The second variant will have this same battery, plus a hydrogen system.

In addition to being striking on the aesthetic level, complete on the battery, the Nikola will have a propulsion system that will not take prisoners. According to the brand, it will be able to do 0 to 60 miles per hour (96.6 km/h) in just 2.9 seconds.

Of course, anyone can announce a presentation where all the theoretical figures and renders are. But Nikola Motors President Trevor Milton said: “We will be able to see a real truck in operation, not a fake display truck. Expect stamped metal panels, functional interior with HVAC, 4 × 4, etc.”

This presentation will take place at an event organized each year by the North American manufacturer and where it shows its progress and new proposals. A Nikola World 2020 that does not yet have a celebration date but is estimated to take place in September.

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