Pickman: An electric Pickup different from everything you’ve seen so far

A mini pickup created by Kaiyun Motors will cost less than 5,000 euro (5,700 dollars), and it is nothing like you seen in previous EV pickups.

The design of the small vehicle is intended to make it more accessible on farmland and off-road activities that do not require more than necessary from the truck.

The Pickman differs a lot from other models from other companies, like Tesla’s Cyberpunk Truck or Rivian’s R1T, massive trucks on the EV market.

Due to its size, the capacity of loading is up to 1,000kg (2,205 pounds and a range of 68-miles on a single charge, that can take from 8 to 10 hours to reach the full capacity.

The maximum speed is only 25 miles per hour, perfect for the purposes it will be taking care of.

Pickups will always be important in the vehicle market, and even now with the shifting to EVs, Pickman comes to assist every need that gasoline-fueled trucks are fulfilling. Good job on Kaiyun Motors for expanding the market.


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