Mustang Mach-E

The Coronavirus Won’t Stop the Ford Mustang Mach-e, Which Maintains its Release Dates

Despite the emergence of the coronavirus, Ford has confirmed that it maintains the Mustang Mach-e release date for later this year. Thanks to the reorganization of the team that works in its development, which took action to avoid contagions. Ford continued with most of its employees working from home and did not stop the last phase of development of the electric SUV. At the end of the year, the car will reach the European and North American markets.

The American brand wants to avoid last-minute problems that could tarnish the debut of a model with enormous importance for the future of Ford. A project designed from scratch to house an electrical system, and which has become the technological forefront to get fully into this new era.

While the mechanical part is not a particularly big challenge, from Ford, they are seeing how other manufacturers are having more problems than expected with elements such as software. Something that has led them to focus much of their efforts on armoring this aspect and that its optimization is not slowed down even with a global pandemic that forces technicians to stay at home.

Some have even taken prototypes home to continue work on the mechanical elements, all to make sure everything is 100% ready for when the Mach-e debuts. Since these prototypes must be rotated between different engineers, it must be cleaned with a kit that Ford has provided to avoid any risk of contagion.

Ford has also confirmed the start of the production of components to help patients affected by the coronavirus, such as respirators and masks.

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