Tesla Energy and UK Gigafactory

Tesla aims to become an electric utility shortly, and perhaps this will happen with the new UK Gigafactory. The UK government is seeking to raise its economy after the coronavirus pandemic. There is a rumor that Tesla could receive an incentive package for another factory on European grounds.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) confirmed that there is a company looking for a site for a facility. Still, it has not yet confirmed if it was Tesla, just that it was related to electric vehicles. Anyway, this rumor is gaining steam since Musk visited the UK last week.

The Times reported that Musk went to Bristol last Wednesday:

“It is believed that Mr. Musk’s private jet landed at Luton just after midday on Wednesday and took off on Thursday morning from the same airport, spending only 19 hours on the ground,” and it completed with: “A law forcing all foreign travelers to enter quarantine for two weeks on arrival into Britain does not come into force until Monday. It is probable that Mr Musk would have used a helicopter to tour the Gravity site rather than drive or walk around the area.”

Remember, when Musk decided the location of the European Gigafactory, the “The Brexit uncertainty” stopped him from choosing the UK, but now things have changed.

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