Rumor: Tesla Seeks Land for a Giant Battery Factory in Europe

Tesla’s substantial expansion is focusing on the launch of new vehicle factories, such as the one in Shanghai which is already operational, or the one in Berlin which will do so in 2021. Something they hope will allow them to reach between 400,000 and 500,000 units this year, 1 million in 2021, and continue to grow to 5 million cars a year by 2025. Figures that will mean having new factories and having a large supply of batteries will power it.

At the moment, Tesla has its Nevada Gigafactory, which it has launched with the help of its partners Panasonic, who also dedicate a good part of its production from Japan to the Americans. This will add the capacities to produce batteries from the factories in Berlin and Shanghai and the supply by third companies such as LG or CATL.

But for some, this will not be enough and Tesla will continue to seek not only to increase its capacity but also to deepen a business model where they carry out a large number of components internally, soon including batteries.

According to the British property portal Propertyweek, which specializes in real estate, the UK government will be searching for land to host the new Tesla battery giant.

Not many details have been leaked. It is still unknown whether it is a commission or a bet by the British executive to try to attract a vital industry in the future of a sector with a long tradition in the islands such as the automotive industry.

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