After Launch Scrub, Elon Musk Charges Tesla & Gets A Burger At Five Guys In West Melbourne

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ce at Hammock Landing Mall in West Melbourne where a Tesla Supercharger Station is also located.

“My husband saw it was him,” said Sara Curry, who sat in the nearby Five Guys Restaurant after leaving Cape Canaveral to watch what would have been a historic launch. Instead, the launch was scrubbed due to weather. 

“I mentioned that I wanted to get a picture for our son who is at the University of Oregon since he is a big fan. He walked over and Musk was talking to the people about putting gaming systems in their cars.” 

Several social media posts show the billionaire — surrounded by stern-faced security guards — posing for photos with people. He waited in line to use a Supercharger at the stop, which sits several yards west of Five Guys. 

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