Tesla Opens a Fifth Gigafacbrica in the United States

Currently, Tesla has four operational factories: the Fremont plant, Nevada Gigafactory 1, Buffalo Gigafactory 2 (dedicated to the production of solar panels), and Shanghai Gigafactory 3. Also, it is confirmed that the manufacturer will open a fifth factory in Europe at the end of 2021: the Gigafabrica 4 of Berlin, whose construction has already begun.

However, the company’s plans will not stop there: Elon Musk has just announced that Tesla has begun looking for locations to build a new plant in which the Cybertruck electric pick-up will be manufactured. Musk intends to make the truck in the center of the United States, something that fits the rumors that Tesla is studying to build their next plant in Texas.

This new factory will also be a Gigafactory, so we can expect it to be responsible for both producing cars and manufacturing batteries. The factory would, therefore, be the fifth Gigafactory of Tesla and its fourth plant dedicated to the manufacturing of vehicles after Fremont, the Gigafactory 3 of Shanghai, and the Gigafactory 4 of Berlin.

The selection of this location could also allow Tesla to improve its penetration in the heart of the United States, where it is achieving much more modest success than on the East and West coasts. On the other hand, the launch of a pick-up should help the brand gain popularity in the rural areas of the country, where such vehicles have a very high demand.

Tesla wants to deliver the first units of the Cybertruck by the end of next year.

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