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Triggo EV: An Electric Inspired by the Renault Twizy and Capable of Adapting Its Body

The Polish company Triggo EV has developed a small, lightweight electric car designed to move us through the traffic of big cities and to do so in a comfortable, sustainable way. With which we can even hit the road without compromising safety. The key is an adaptable chassis that can retract its width from 148 to 86 centimeters to increase the turning radius when we need it.

The Triggo EV has a body similar in concept to the Renault Twizy. 2.6 meters long and located in the L7E segment of vehicles with a maximum weight of 400 kilos without load.

Visually, Triggo has opted for a fully glazed and closed cabin with two seats in tandem 1 + 1 format. Inside, we will not find a steering wheel, but a handlebar. But its most exciting novelty is a system that will allow it when the technology is developed to receive autonomous driving technology. Among other things this will enable operators to form convoys of these models to send them, for example, from the package collection base to the center where drivers wait for you. It can also serve to facilitate the work of car-sharing systems, which will not have to take one to one to the base to recharge their batteries.

In the mechanical aspect, the Triggo EV has two 10 kW electric motors, which for approval have been limited to a maximum power of 15 kW (20 hp) with which it will be able to reach 90 km/h. For its part, the battery has a capacity of 8 kWh with which it can achieve a range of 100 kilometers with each charge. Some batteries that you can exchange to extend your autonomy. Something that denotes its approach designed more for the professional customer who needs a compact urban electric vehicle. Everything in a set that with the battery reaches 750 kilos of weight.

One of its most characteristic points is the possibility of adapting the width of its chassis. Thanks to this, the driver will be able to select if he wants an urban mode, which will reduce the width to 86 centimeters, and will provide it with greater maneuverability. Thanks to this, the Triggo EV has a turning radius of 3.5 meters. A figure that we can compare with the 6.5 meters of a Smart ForTwo. A mode limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h, which allows you to park practically anywhere and with little effort. All of this in addition to moving through traffic without difficulties.

With the system deployed, the chassis’ width grows to 148 centimeters, allowing it to move up to its maximum speed safely.

An exciting project that has been promoted by the EU and hopes to complete development and start production in 2021 to be exported worldwide.

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