Tesla Model Y Off-Road: Dimensions, Weight, and Images.

In the coming days, Tesla will begin deliveries in the United States of its latest vehicle, the Model Y. The Long Range Dual Motor version approves 507 km of autonomy, compared to the Model 3 from which it is derived,l. The Model Y will be characterized as a much more familiar proposal: thanks to its upper height and its gate, it will be a more practical model in general lines, and there is an option of configuration of seven seats, something that will be significantly appreciated by large families.

With 4.75 meters long and a wheelbase of 2.89 meters, Tesla Model Y is an SUV. Including the rearview mirrors, the car has a width of 2.13 meters, although with them folded, it stays at 1.98 meters. As for the interior measurements, we find a height of 104.1 centimeters in front and 100.1 centimeters behind, legroom of 106.3 centimeters in front and 102.9 centimeters back, and for shoulders of 143.2 centimeters in front and 137.3 centimeters behind.

Its empty weight is 2,003 kg. The weight distribution is 46% on the front axle and 54% on the rear axle. With 20-inch wheels, the front axle supports 1,363 kg and the rear axle 1,500 kg.

Finally, the new off-road function has also been released, which allows you to adjust the traction control to provide the SUV with superior off-road performance. However, this results in the deactivation of systems such as Autopilot, automatic emergency braking, and lane maintenance.

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