Tesla and Panasonic Increase the Capacity of the Nevada Gigafactory

Panasonic and Tesla are indicating that in recent months they have been busy working on the training of new employees that, together with the 3,000 technicians and 200 assistants that currently exist, allow the new production lines to achieve a 24-hour pace 365 days a year.

Thanks to these works and investments, Panasonic expects to achieve a capacity of 54 GWh per year without significant problems. A figure that would serve to increase the current maximum of 35 GWh, which would allow to carry out some 700,000 packs of 77 kWh when maximum production capacity is achieved.

This movement comes after some turbulent months in the relationship between Tesla and Panasonic, which has caused some suspicion in the Japanese to face new investments. This is due to the fact that Americans work to prepare their batteries and also strengthen ties with other manufacturers. All to meet a demand that is limited by the bottleneck that has become the production of batteries and now seems to receive a significant push with the new increase.


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