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UBCO 2×2 – An Electric Motorcycle with Two Motors and 80 Miles of Autonomy

The world of electric motorcycles has seen its offer expand dramatically in recent years thanks to the increasing interest in the market and the evolution of batteries. Something that has resulted in a wide variety of products, including one as interesting as this UBCO 2 × 2. A small motorcycle with two-wheel drive and designed for those who need a simple and versatile vehicle.

Designed in New Zealand and distributed in Europe (it may come to the US soon), the UBCO 2 × 2 is a different proposal. A product that looks like a bicycle, but without pedals and with a system of two electric motors, one on each wheel. Something that allows it to be easily transported is its contained weight and for it to be able to move through difficult terrain. This will facilitate its adaptable suspension that we can configure both for offroad driving and for when we move around the city.

One of the main strengths of this model is precisely its weight. Only 65 kilos including the battery allowing you to move easily through difficult areas and even be lifted to transport it in a trailer. A minimalist body without great fanfare to the design, but by adding accessories it will allow expanding the possibilities of transporting some cargo.

In the mechanical aspect, the UBCO 2 × 2 has a system of two electric motors with a power of 1 kW each and located in the hub of each wheel. Something that allows it to reach a maximum speed of 50 km/h, which makes it a moped at the approval level.

For its part, the battery is a 50V pack with 2.4 kWh capacity, which allows it to achieve a range of 80 miles with each charge. A removable system that is also compatible with other vehicles of the brand. It will allow the exchange of this pack when necessary and whenwe do not have a plug on hand—a way to extend the autonomy of the motorcycle.

Among the accessories that we can acquire is the possibility of obtaining a second battery, which has a cost of $7,999.00. This will allow us to increase autonomy beyond 130 miles with each charge. Besides, we can also acquire an optional charger to charge this extra battery so that we have it charged upon arrival.

A model that includes a wide variety of accessories and personalizations that is at the top of the offer for this type of moped. Something that shows a price that in Europe stands at 6,999 euros, including taxes. A high price for a different product, designed especially for those looking for something exclusive and that allows them both to move agilely through the city, as well as to go into the mountains to explore in a silent and sustainable way.

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