The Future Audi TT will be 100% Electric

The TT, a small 2 + 2 sports car born in 1998 and with three generations behind it, is today one of the most iconic Audi models. However, for the next generation, the vehicle will undergo a significant transformation. Bram Schot, former chairman of the Audi Board of Directors, confirmed at the time that the TT would be replaced by an electric car in the same price range.

Currently, most automakers are focusing on their electrification programs to comply with new and stricter emissions regulations; Also, the current global health crisis has led to the discarding of numerous corresponding projects with renovations of thermal models to save costs, while protecting the development of electrical models to the maximum extent due to their strategic interest in the medium and long term.

Audi itself had already announced at the time an in-depth rationalization of its range. Probably to reduce costs to face the necessary investments to undertake the transition to the electric car. Thus, models such as the A3 Cabrio, A5 Coupé, and A5 Cabrio will initially not be renewed.

As for the fourth-generation TT, although it is known that it will be 100% electric, it is not yet clear what type of body it will have. Some media, such as MotorTrend, claim that it will maintain its current coupe configuration. In contrast, others such as Auto Bild, speculate with the possibility of it being transformed into a five-door crossover called the e-Tron. In any case, there is still no official confirmation in this regard.

All in all, we must not lose sight of the fact that numerous rumors suggest that the SUV Q4 e-Tron could have a coupe version called Sportback, following in the footsteps of its brothers Volkswagen ID.4 and Skoda Enyaq iV. Therefore, a hypothetical TT crossover would overlap with the said Q4 e-Tron Sportback, reinforcing the theory that the TT will keep its sporty-cut bodywork.

At the time there was speculation that the new TT was a continuation of the “Quattro” project that Audi was developing a decade ago. As a result of which the brand wanted to launch a sports car on horseback between the TT and R8 inspired by aesthetics from the famous Audi Quattro and Audi Sport Quattro (the sporty versions of the ’80s Audi GT Coupé) of rallies.

Even though the launch of this model, known to the press as R4, was finally ruled out by the German brand (possibly due to its overlap with the A5 Coupé), it gave rise to a complete family of concept cars: The Detroit e-Tron Concept (2010), the Quattro Concept (2010), the Sport Quattro Concept (2013), and the Sport Quattro Laserlight Concept (2014). The first one being 100% electric.

Initially, the new model would not only have to replace the TT (4.19 meters), but also the A5 (4.67 meters). Thanks to the optimization of the space that allows the use of the Volkswagen MEB modular platform, the model could combine the compact dimensions of the first with the spacious four-seater cabin of the second.

With this change in philosophy, a new name could also come, speculating on the possibility that it is called R4 e-Tron, following the terminology of the R8 supercar. It is also possible that it has a Cabrio body (it would be one of the first convertible electric cars on the market), as well as S and RS variants to replace the current TTS and TTRS. Initially, its arrival on the market will take place in 2023.

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