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Electric Land Rover Defender With 100 kWh and More Than 350 Km of Autonomy

The restoration and customization of cars have been part of the automotive industry almost from the very beginning. People are looking for something personal that manufacturers do not offer, which has resulted in a wide variety of companies dedicated to improving current and classic proposals for the most nostalgic customers. This is the case of the North American East Coast Defender (ECD). It has been uncovered with a conversion of the legendary Land Rover Defender, to which they have added significant aesthetic improvements, equipment, and also a powerful electrical system from a Tesla.

The result is arguably the most exciting Land Rover Defender of all time. On the one hand, some improvements have been made to the body and interior of the vehicle. From adding eye-catching exterior accessories to intense work on an interior, it has gone from working class to premium class thanks to elements such as luxurious custom hand-embroidered leather seats for each customer, a new infotainment system, rear seats individual or the classic format along the sides, etc. that each buyer can adapt to their tastes and budget. All while maintaining the rough and aggressive appearance.

But undoubtedly the best is found inside. ECD technicians have installed an electric powertrain consisting of a motor and batteries from a Tesla. Something that allows it to enjoy an all-wheel-drive and high power. This will enable it to shoot this mastodon up to 60 miles per hour (96.6 km/h) in just 5.5 seconds.

For its part, the battery maintains 100 kWh of the original pack, which according to the developers, allows it to achieve a real autonomy of 355 kilometers with each charge. A charge that can be recovered in five hours thanks to its ability to access three-phase outlets.

And the price? As it is a tailor-made and fully customizable product, the company does not provide an estimate of the cost. An exciting electric Defender for those who want a different and extraordinary product, which will allow them to move with a mythical SUV, but in a way that is respectful of the environment and without noise that bothers the neighbors.

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