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Tesla Plans to Reopen Fremont Factory Friday – Update

Update- Santa Clara County has pushed for the factory to remain closed
Tesla “must not reopen,” the county said in a statement. “Restoring all daily activities too soon risks a rapid spike in cases and would jeopardize the relative stability we’ve seen in our health and hospital system.”

Elon Musk has plans to reopen Tesla Factory this Friday in Fremont, California. The news came after the state’s Governor authorized manufacturing to resume after the shutdown.

Tesla’s CEO sent an e-mail to its workers: “I will be on the line personally helping wherever I can. However, if you feel uncomfortable coming back to work at this time, please do not feel obligated to do so. These are difficult times, so thanks very much for working hard to make Tesla successful!”

In the past few weeks, Musk openly criticized the lockdown. In a couple of tweets, he made it very clear that he thinks that the government is wrong restricting people’s movements.

The Californian plant makes all models, including the most popular, the Model 3. The factory is mostly closed since March.

According to the company’s HR boss, Valerie Capers, communicated to the workers that operations will resume in limited operations with only 30% of capacity. The factory in Reno that produces batteries has already resumed limited production.

Last Thursday, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, said the state’s auto plants can resume all production next Monday. All Major car manufacturers plan to return most of their operations as soon as May 18.

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