Tesla Roadster Delayed to 2022

The new Roadster was slated to hit the market this year, alongside the Semi and just before the Cybertruck.

But in an interview, Elon Musk himself has been in charge of confirming the bad news for those who have made a reservation, with deposits of up to $50,000. But, also for those who have won one or more units in the referral programs. It has been confirmed the new Tesla Roadster will join the long list of Tesla products that suffer a delay. In this case, for the time being, a new temporal plane takes it until the year 2022, just after the arrival of the Cybertruck and even later than the Semi electric truck.

Elon Musk gives new data from the Tesla Roadster: double-height batteries, cameras instead of rear-view mirrors.
Musk told terrible news, not only for Tesla or its customers but also for the market in general, which sees the delay of what could become a complete “halo” model for the electric car industry. A real opener of minds that still think that electric cars are slow, tedious, and have little autonomy. The Roadster also aims to break all molds at a price well below the cost of the closest combustion models in terms of performance.

A decision by Tesla that will surely irritate many but that should have been taken as a way of prioritizing the most profitable projects in a challenging economic moment after the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.

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