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Electric Cars are Fast, Economical, and Green! Why Not Consider Owning One?

The NIO EP9, a Chinese electric vehicle, brings 1,341 bhp in total power and quotes 0-62 mph. It accelerates from 0-200 kmph in 7.1 seconds. “The EP9’s new lap record is 19.22 seconds faster than its previous lap time. This is a fabulous achievement for NIO, and I am very proud of the team that has worked tirelessly to achieve this accolade,” stated the company. But come on, who can afford a car priced at $1.48 million? So for most of us, the chances of getting a Tesla instead are much more likely.

Electric cars can allow people to have the acceleration of a Ferrari for 1/10th of the price. The Raven Tesla Model S Performance remains one of the quickest production vehicles today. Sprinting from 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds, which is an incredible result given that it is a four-door sedan. That’s a big reason people want them. Of course there are other factors, for example, the economy, even now with the gas prices decreasing.

Soon Tesla will be unveiling its “million-mile battery,” which will mean every electric car will become far less resource-intensive than ICE cars. Tesla chief researcher Jeff Dahn and members of the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Sciences at Dalhousie University recently released an article that points to the development of battery cells capable of lasting more than 1.6 million kilometers on the road. When used in the energy storage network that equals upwards of 20 years.

The new battery tested has a lithium-ion cell with a new generation of NMC cathode with a “single crystal” and a new advanced electrolyte. In theory, these battery cells last two to three times as long as Tesla’s current ones.

In a few years, even inefficient electric cars will be less emission-intensive than most new gasoline cars in most countries. This due to the fact electricity generation is expected to be less carbon-intensive than today.

We made a list based on Forbes to encourage you to think about it:

• They’re Cheaper To Own

• You’ll Be Doing Your Part For The Environment

• They Run Silently

• They’re Fast

• You’ll Be Keeping A Watchful Eye On The State-Of-Charge Indicator

• You May Be Surprised How Well They Handle

• They Brake Differently.

• You’ll Want To Pay Attention To Driving Habits And Conditions

• You’ll Probably Upgrade Your Garage’s Electrical System

• You’ll Quickly Learn Where Public Charging Stations Are Located

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