German Drivers To Get Up To €6,000 Discount On Electric Cars

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Germany is ramping up its efforts to get people to buy electric and hybrid-electric cars by boosting subsidies. In the wake of a government meeting with automotive industry leaders on Monday night, it was announced that existing subsidies, which were due to end in 2020, will stay in place until 2025.

From now on, subsidy on fully-electric cars costing up to €40,000 ((£37,517, $44,518 ), will climb to €6,000, from €4,000 per car. Hybrid vehicles will get a €4,000 subsidy. Electric cars costing between €40,000 and €60,000 can expect €5,000 off the list price. People spending over €65,000 on their e-car in the future will not get any discount—that ceiling has been raised from €60,000.

Read The Full Article On: Finance

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