Tesla HEPA filter

Tesla Has One More Defense Against Coronavirus

In the US, the number of Coronavirus cases is a considerable concern to all of us, so many of us are concerned about the potential of this virus. There are people that even alone are using masks and gloves, and I wonder, inside the car, what should we do?

The Tesla Model S and Model X come standard with Bioweapon Defense Mode, which is conceivable because of a large HEPA filter. On the off chance that you haven’t seen it or supplanted it, you’re probably going to be stunned by its size. As per Tesla, the filter is “100 times more effective than premium automotive filters.” It evacuates “at least 99.97% of fine particulate matter and gaseous pollutants, as well as bacteria, viruses, pollen, and mold spores.”

There’s a genuinely decent possibility that going out in your vehicle won’t make you exceptionally vulnerable to getting the Coronavirus, yet we’re not specialists. Now, it appears even specialists and researchers aren’t 100-percent secure with numerous subtleties identified with this new virus. We can reveal to you that we have seen multiple individuals strolling alone outside with covers and gloves on, and pretty much the same number of individuals driving not far off with their windows shut and maks and gloves on as well.

Probably the HEPA filter is not necessary inside the vehicle, but it could help if you’re concerned. It has been proved that the filter can be helpful in cases of people with asthma or breathing conditions in general. What is your opinion about this filter?

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