Tesla Sold 67,650 Model 3 on the US This Semester

Tesla Model 3 led the ranking of best selling EVs on the US in the first semester of 2019.

According to InsideEVs, Model 3 had over 67,650 sales in the US. This number represents a considerable difference from the second place, which is also a Tesla vehicle, the Model X, with 9,000 sales.

Among the top five best selling, Elon Musk’s company appears once more, in fourth place. The Model S had 7,225 sales. In third, Chevrolet Bolt with 8,281 and Nissan Leaf with 6,008, in fifth.

As reported this week, Tesla announced 95,200 vehicles delivered on Q2. This increasing number shows the influence of the company in the market. Tesla tends to keep growing more with the public interest.


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