Coronavirus Silver Lining: EV’s Never Made So Much Sense

To a greater or lesser extent in recent weeks, we can see how activity in almost the entire planet has been reduced significantly due to the coronavirus. Mainly related to transportation, this results in less polluting emissions and cleaner skies. According to a study by the British consulting firm Venson Automotive Solutions, this helps raise awareness in society of the many benefits of electrifying transport, which will help accelerate the transformation of our way of moving.

According to the survey, 45% of participants said they would consider exchanging their current car for an electric one in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Almost 20% of those interested said that their next vehicle would run on batteries. Also, 17% have indicated that their interest in buying an electric car had grown due to new data on emission reductions.

One of the most curious factors in the study shows us that many customers have discovered with this crisis that they can store food and supplies for days or weeks, and that it is not necessary to use the car as often. Something that the people in charge of the report indicate that it can be of help to some electrical ones on which many still have reserves for their purchase due to the long recharging times in the home.

Another factor that will benefit the electric car and transport in general with electricity during this crisis will be the awareness of the population of the enormous environmental impact of the current model. Although the reduction of emissions has been a recurring theme in the policies of many countries, the expansion of electric vehicles has been slow even though scientific evidence indicates that transport is responsible for 23% global greenhouse gas emissions, and diesel and gasoline vehicles are responsible for 72% of emissions within the transport sector.

Venson’s survey also reveals that people would like to see governments and companies do more to accelerate the introduction of electric vehicles once we get past the COVID-19 health crisis. Including increased investment in charging infrastructure (62%), the introduction of more Low Emission Zones in major cities (38%), and new legislation that encourages companies to transform their fleets of commercial vehicles or automobiles from companies with 100% electric models in the next five years (38%).

We can see all over the world images with cleaner skies, just like in Los Angeles, California, with hardly any traffic and with the cleanest air seen in decades. Even the vision of Everest from India for the first time since the Second World War. Coronavirus crisis allows many to see the first-class hand as it could be a planet less dependent on fossil fuels with an electrified transport system. Not only thanks to cars but thanks to the constant evolution of technology of all kinds of vehicles, from planes, ships, buses, trains. Now it’s time to create a new reality based on what improves the human experience.

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