Electric Car Revolution Planned With £500m Investment In Charging Points And Tax Breaks

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He announced the new charging points would ensure no driver was ever 30 miles away from topping-up their vehicle. 

Garry White, Chief Investment expert at Charles Stanley said the support for electric car infrastructure was “vital” to help aid the switch to electric technology. 

He said: “Not only does this put some essential infrastructure in place to encourage more people to buy electric, but it also sends a clear policy message to people holding off from buying new cars. 

“The government is committed to promoting electric vehicles and is prepared to invest in the infrastructure – this implies you can buy an electric car with confidence. It’s good for consumers, carmakers and the environment.”  

The government will invest £500million into new infrastructure (Image: Getty)

electric car charging station

More charging stations will be installed under the plans (Image: Getty)

The number of charging stations continues to grow across the UK with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirming electric points now surpass petrol stations. 

Analysis from charging station database Zapmap has revealed there are 17,963 devices across 11,165 locations as charge points continued to increase month-on-month. 

However, the map does reveal charging points are more densely populated in southern regions and major towns. 

Head of motoring at Admiral Insurance Clare Egan said the extra investment was a huge step in making electric vehicles available as widely as possible. 

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