Tesla’s Purchase Contract of the Gigafactory 4 Approved

The Brandenburg Finance Committee approved the contract to purchase the land on which the Tesla Gigafactory 4 will be built. The electric car manufacturer will acquire a total of 300 hectares from the German local government. Although the purchase has been formalized now, Tesla has already been working in the area for a few weeks.

Tesla will pay 40.91 million euros for the factory land, which is the price per square meter of 13.52 euros. Interestingly, in the nearby area of Freienbrink, the cost of the square meter is 40 euros. However, the low figure achieved by Tesla could be since its lands are not yet ready to host any construction when occupied by forest.

In Gigafactory 4, not only Model Y and Model 3 will be produced, but also battery cells. According to some reports, the brand plans to manufacture a total of five vehicles on the premises. This leads us to think of the launch of specific models for the European market as a compact (the rumored Model C, which could rival the Volkswagen ID .3).

The factory’s capacity will be 500,000 vehicles per year, and it will allow the firm to avoid the tariffs imposed on cars manufactured on US or Chinese soil. The facilities will begin operating at the end of 2021, and the first model that leaves its assembly line is likely to be the Model Y Standard Range RWD, which is expected to become by far, the bestseller in the company.


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