NEW Tesla Software 2020.8 Update

A few hours ago, some users commented that Tesla was launching a new system update for their vehicles. An update called 2020.8, which will arrive with essential developments and is anticipated as one of the deepest of those received so far by its cars.

One of the most anticipated sections is that this update will allow solving some problems of operation and performance in the system of some units. Issues such as the malfunction of the rear camera, GPS, even Autopilot or Bluetooth, and voice commands.

According to the first clients that are receiving this update, in addition to solving these failures, the new system allows adding the expected function of being able to see on the Tesla screen the recharge networks of other companies. That way, drivers will have at their disposal both Superchargers, as well as third-party networks, which will prevent them from having to search online or using applications.

For European drivers, this update will also add visualizations of the elements on the road, which will allow to display objects on the Autopilot screen, such as traffic lights, stop signs, and some marks on the way, and it is even starting to show cubes of garbage. At the moment, this seems like an advance of the autonomous driving system, but it will not mean that the car will stop at these elements—something you will have to wait for in a future update.

A new step forward of a Tesla that keeps updating the complex system that shapes its vehicles, and that needs constant updates to solve new problems or malfunctions. Something that seems that in this latest version will achieve is joy for many users frustrated by small but annoying issues that are reducing the satisfaction of your purchase.

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